If you feel comfortable in your skin, why wear a dead creature? Creativity in the fashion world knows no bounds and sells us the image of feeling extra beautiful wrapped in fur, despite the suffering of other creatures.

Should a concerned customer interject this, fashion designers and the fur lobby have meanwhile created labels such as species-appropriate husbandry to allay such concerns. And it is meant to hide the fact that you are about to wrap yourself in the skin of someone whose death and life in captivity you are paying for. There is no such thing as fur from a species-appropriate husbandry.

To make sure you don’t forget that, last Saturday we stood for two hours with Basel pelzfrei in front of the Basel branch of the boutique chain BongĂ©nie Grieder. Just like the animals – covered with nothing but their skin – we put ourselves between them and people’s urge to consume, the desire to be beautiful and attractive. We are beautiful in our own skin, just as the animals are beautiful in their skin, their fur. Only beautiful animals and ugly people wear fur.

Our wonderful photographer Gaspare once again captured the action for you in great pictures.

Media reactions

The media response to this successful action was great. We’ve put together a few articles for you here: