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Whats going on here?

Awesome, you did it to our website! Who is us? A squad of motivated people, that’s eager to make veganism accessible to you in a fancy and unconventional manner. Our actions are not only arresting high attention and cause a stir, indeed our audience reacts very humorous and curious to our charming protests. Provoking and enchanting at the same time we demonstrate that being vegan is natural and animal exploitation is not sexy.

This pages purpose is to show you the meaning of being vegan.
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My first Lingerie Protest

My first Lingerie Protest

As an activist who has joined the lingerie protest for the first time, I will be sharing my first time experiences with you and also my general thoughts on taking your clothes off for animals is it worth it… is it effective… or is it just crazy? I first heard about...

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We’d rather go naked than wear fur

We’d rather go naked than wear fur

If you feel comfortable in your skin, why wear a dead creature? Creativity in the fashion world knows no bounds and sells us the image of feeling extra beautiful wrapped in fur, despite the suffering of other creatures. Should a concerned customer interject this,...

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The Lingerie Protest

Lingerie Protest – that’s more than a notion by a bunch of weird activists. Lingerie Protests are worldwide. It’s a global movement by and with passionate activists, and we are so proud being a part of it. Watch the short documentary on UnchainedTV to find out more about us


Dominion exposes the dark underbelly of animal agriculture – bluntly and uncensored – and questions morality and validity of humankind’s dominion over the animal kingdom.

The film reveals the manifold practices, how animals are abused in a standardized and regular manner. Six primary facets of our interaction with animals are investigated – Companion Animals, Wildlife, Scientific Research, Entertainment, Clothing and Food

10 Tips for the transition

1. Know Your Why

Immediately after switching to a vegan lifestyle you may experiencing tempting situations, coming into conflict with yourself or others.
Regardless if habit, taste or convenience takes you over: Always keep in mind that with every animal product suffering ’til death comes along.

2. Know Important Nutrients

While getting into a vegan diet you will run across facets, you never concerned yourself before. Part of it is supplying yourself with important nutrients. For example vitamin B12 which takes an important role. A well planned vegan diet is possible under every circumstance in every age – free from deficiency symptoms and free from animal harm.

3. Be well prepared

One of the most frequentliy asked questions when new to veganism is: «What should I eat?» It’s challenging that many cafeterias, canteens and restaurants are only offering a minimum of vegan options.
Systematic planning helps a lot. Especially in the beginning we recommend to plan your meals.
Therefore in our collection of links you will find your way to delicious recipes and restaurant guides.


Using our 10 Tips you will have a good basis that will provide support after the switch to a vegan lifestyle.

Do you like more information or engaging yourself further? We composed an overview of well researched documentaries, information and links for you.

Would you like to recommend another link, not yet placed here? Or still have questions? Whatever – write us, we love to help you.


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