About Us

The people behind Lingerie Protest Switzerland


From an early age Hubi own a distinct sense for justice and did always spoke up for the weak. Some years ago he realized, he has been blind for the greatest men-made injustice, happening day to day right in front of his eyes. And even worse – he was part of it!

Food, clothing, cosmetics, entertainment, medicine – violence against animals has many facets and every single one of it is unbelievably cruel and unnecessary in equal measure. As a keen and fierce animal rights activist, Hubi wants to open people the eyes like his own were opened once, and to end this boundless animal exploitation of any kind.



Nele is a passionate animal rights activist living in Switzerland. Years ago she got involved and engaged herself in veganism. So she got aware of the inherent animal cruelty of animal agriculture, these industries where animals are raped, abused, tortured, enslaved and murdered for meat, dairy, eggs and other forms of profit seeking like fashion, entertainment and animal testing.

Neles intention is to raise medial attention for the animal rights message, to achieve social transformation and justice for the most oppressed beings on the planet – the animals.


Technically adept, a complete nerd and a huge heart, thats how Tobi can be described.
One day also his very rational and deliberate mind got aware, he is excluding particular species in his respect for life, overlooking those animals our society degrades to livestock.

And hence Tobi considers himself an animal rights activist, who uses his voice and capabilities together with his wife Nele to take the souls of the voiceless victims to the peoples hearts.

It’s high time

Non-human animals are oppressed so terrifyingly, that they aren’t even considered victims in our society.

It’s time to end this abuse and acknowledge, that animals deserve the right to personal integrity. Every being deserves living free of harm and fear of it, regardless of the body it is born into.