Why vegan?

Animal exploitation is not sexy

There are so many reasons that a vegan lifestyle is the best choice.

Nevertheless the most fundamental argument for veganism, that supports all others, is the question about moral – would I want somebody doing that to me? If not, what entitles me inherently, to do so to others?

Most people agree, that animal cruelty is wrong and needs to be prosecuted. Thats why we have laws to protect the rights of animals – at least for some animals.

Veganism is an ethical stance towards unnecessary exploitation of animals – not a diet. Though our diet is a main cause of animal exploitation.

Impassioning Justice

Veganism is a matter of social justice acknowledging that animals deserve autonomy, moral consideration, and that their life is higher in value than those reasons, that we are justifying their exploitation and murder with.

Unnecessary murder is immoral, we need no religion or science to face that fact. Abusing someone is immoral. Causing someone unnecessary pain oder harm is immoral.

We all know that, because deep inside everyone of us there is that legacy knowledge of right and wrong. By conditioning we can become blind. And all we have to do is to put oneself into the victims position to understand why hurting someone is morally unacceptable.

Animals want to live, in freedom and dignity, with their families and friends, just as we humans. They don’t want to be considered property and to be exploited. They don’t want to meet their horrible end in a slaughterhouse ahead of time.

Animal Lover = Human Lover

Last but not least also humans are suffering because of animal agriculture. For example as underpaid slaughterhouse employees, who have no other possibility to earn a living and therefore performing this invidious, cruel and mentally destructive task. Additionally, a significant amount of the global grain harvest is fed to animals, whilst hundreds of millions of people are starving.

If we all would turn vegan, we would stop that exploitation of foreign workers and poor people, that are working in slaughterhouses, because they have no choice. This occupational area observes to have the highest rates of suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety disorder.

If we all would turn vegan, we would end the exploitation of the natives of the Amazon region, wrenched away from their homeland allowing the animal industry destroying more rain forest.

Realizing these overwhelming facts what a large-scale human exploitation is necessary to sell animals and their bodies as products, ones realizes, that the attempt to devalue the suffering of animals due to the suffering of humans is not only wrong but misbegotten.

Those who live vegan respect that all animals have the right to live and deserve it free from human supremacy.

When will you stop abusing animals?